Project "Utilization of Illegal Pesticides"

Утилізація токсичних пестицидів на території Львівської області в басейнах транскордонних рік Сан, Західний Буг


On the 27th of August 2008 a workshop for representatives of state authorities and self-government bodies “Pesticides and agrochemicals. Unavailable and unusable pesticides, their maintenance and utilization” will be held in the city of Turka of Lviv oblast.

Priority pesticides storehouses with unauthorized and unusable pesticides were determined while inventory process held for the implementation of the project. These storehouses of pesticides are subject to packaging and utilization.

Tentative List of Pesticides Storehouses that are Subject to Packaging and Utilization in the Framework of the Project “Utilization of Toxic Pesticides on the Territory of Lviv Oblast in the Basins of Transboundary Rivers San and Western Bug” EU Neighborhood Program Poland-Byelorussia- Ukraine INTERREG III A/TASIS supported by means of European Union

Announcement of the tender results.

According to the tender held in the framework of the project “Utilization of toxic pesticides on the territory of Lviv region in transboundary basins of rivers San and Western Bug” the winning bidder of pesticides packaging and elimination services on the territory of Lviv region is LTD SPD “Dynamika” (Zaporizhya).

Inventory of storehouses of unauthorized and non-available for use pesticides had been accomplished in the basins of transboundary rivers San and Western Bug on the territory of Lviv oblast

On the 10th of July 2008 inventory of storehouses of unauthorized and non-available for use pesticides had been accomplished in 9 regions of Lviv oblast, namely Javorivskyi, Zolochivskyi, Sokalskyi, Kamjanka-Buzky, Mostuski, Starosambisrsky, Turkivsky, Zhovkivsky and Busky regions.

The project is written about in newspapers

The newspaper “Ratusha” published an article about activities within the project. The full version of the article is available on our site.

You may also read another article in “Subotnia poshta” newspaper.

Poisoned land

In Lviv region 145 storehouses contain about 800 tons of unsuitable for usage pesticides.

This poisonous heritage consists of prohibited and unsuitable for usage pesticides which are still lying about in abandoned storehouses in places where our children play and grains for our bread grow. In order to learn when, how and for what money Lviv region will be relieved from this poison, the project “Utilization of toxic pesticides on the territory of Lviv oblast in the basins of transboundary rivers Syan and Western Buh” was for one day joined by “Ratusha” newspaper.


The Project Tender Committee after consideration of all given proposals of participants of the procedure of purchase of services on canning and disposal of the unfit pesticides defined proposals which are mostly meeting the requirements and terms of project implementation.

Inventory of store-houses with unfit pesticides on territory of the Lviv oblast in the Transboundary Basin of the River San and Western Bug continues

Due to the lack of awareness of citizens on danger of direct or indirect contact with pesticides we faced many cases of thefts of parts of store-houses : parts of the roofs, brick and concrete elements that prevent open access to it and this results in worsening of storage conditions of pesticides, and opens access to them.

Such situation happened in Yavorivskuy district, village Krakivetc', where near 1,4 tons of unfit pesticides are stored.

Photo from the store-house taken on 05.06.08 before the theft of the elements of building.

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