Project "Utilization of Illegal Pesticides"

Утилізація токсичних пестицидів на території Львівської області в басейнах транскордонних рік Сан, Західний Буг

Wastes as object of private ownership

According to the Article 1of the Law of Ukraine "On wastes" – wastes are any substances, materials and objects which are formed in the process of human activity and cannot be further used in the places where they were formed or revealed. Their owners have to get rid of them through utilization or removal;

hazardous wastes are wastes characterized by such physical, chemical biological or other hazardous features which cause or may cause considerable hazard for the environment and people's health and which require special methods and means to maintain them.

In Kharkiv oblast storehouses with poisoning chemicals were burning

fire.jpg On February 9, 2009 in Lozova rayon in Kharkiv oblast storehouses with acid poisoning chemicals were burning.

The head of Lozova rayon state administration Serhiy Zelensksyi said that on Monday at about 10 a. m. in the village of Yekaterynivka of Lozova rayon chemicals on the storehouses of former firm Silhospkhimiya started to react with one another.

European Unioin: new principles of providing permissions for production of plant protecting substances (pesticides)

The European Parliament adopted draft resolutions as well as directives which will widen the variety of plant protecting substances in member-countries of the EU while introducing prohibition to use certain chemical substances which are used in the production process. Also, there have been envisaged some solutions increasing safety of using plant protecting substances.

Reel about the project

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Reel about the project

Visit of the EC representative.

DSC04432_small.jpgOn 27-29 January, 2009 the project was visited by expert of the EC Monitoring program Kateryna Pyrozhenko.

On 29.01. 2009 Kateryna Pyrozhenko visited a liquidated storehouse of pesticides in the village of Hubychi (Solianuvatska village council) of Staryi Sambir rayon.

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Seminar for representatives of Skole and Stryi rayons

DSC04349_small.jpgOn 28 january 2009 in Lviv there was held a seminar for representatives of local self-governance and authorized bodies of state executive bodies located in Skole and Stryi rayons.

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Pesticides legislation: the final lap

European parliament 08-01-2009

The EU's new legislation on pesticides could soon be in place. Next week in Strasbourg MEPs will vote on two reports endorsing the final shape of the legislation as agreed in negotiations with the Council in December. The legislation will increase the number of pesticide products available in Member States while in due course banning the use of certain dangerous chemicals in these products. Measures to ensure the safer use of pesticides in daily life will also be introduced.

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