Wastes as object of private ownership

According to the Article 1of the Law of Ukraine "On wastes" – wastes are any substances, materials and objects which are formed in the process of human activity and cannot be further used in the places where they were formed or revealed. Their owners have to get rid of them through utilization or removal;

hazardous wastes are wastes characterized by such physical, chemical biological or other hazardous features which cause or may cause considerable hazard for the environment and people's health and which require special methods and means to maintain them.

Pesticides may be hidden danger to child IQ

Dani Cooper

Household pesticides may cause some of the intellectual development problems in children previously associated with lead, an Australian toxicologist says.

Hydrological and hydrogeological aspects of the areas of work

The rivers Syan and Western Buh,within the water intake basins of which the works of wastes utilization will be done, are right tributaries of the Wisla.

The Wisla is the longest river of the basin of the Baltic sea and Poland. It is formed in the result of merging of the Black and the White Wisla which begin in the Western Beskids. .It falls into the Gdansk bay. Its length is 1090 km, the area of the basin is 139.9 thousand km². The main tributaries are as follows: the Dunajec, the Syan, the Wepr, the Western Buh (right tributaries), the Nida (river), Pylytsia, the Baura (left tributaries).

Away with the poison!

1209.jpgGermans utilize Lviv pesticides.

Within the project “Utilization of unsuitable and prohibited pesticides” 100 tons of pesticides have been taken to Hamburg in Germany. Removal of these toxic chemicals lasted from November 27 till December 1. Therefore, on December 3, when the whole world is celebrating the International day of combating pesticides, Lviv oblast really have something to celebrate.


table_2.jpg The word “pesticide” itself to great extend outlines the problems related to it. The root “cide” which comes from Latin “kill” directly expresses the purpose of these substances – killing, destroying living creatures, war with nature. The root “pest” now in many world languages means “vermin”, and implies that man divides all creatures into useful for him and harmful denying the latter the right to existence.

“Pesticides” is a wide notion that includes many chemical compounds that have suppressing effect on animate nature. The most widely spread and known are insecticides which kill insects, herbicides which destroy herbs, fungicides directed against fungi and rodenticides which are fatal for rodents. But there exist means against other groups of living creatures: acaricides (acaridae), ichthyocides (fish), nematocides (coelelminth).

Experience in the sphere of neutralization of prohibited and unsuitable for usage pesticides on the territory of Poland

Zdislaw Strycharz, councilor Of Lublin wojewoda, expert in pesticides maintenance.

Socialist planned economy introduced the principle of centralized distribution on all levels of activity. According to this principle, there were distributed, for example, seed grains, fertilizers and substances for plant protection in agriculture. Not all substances acquired for this purpose were used in good time and therefore they became stale, and their stores were increasing in storehouses.

Pesticides poisoning

Every year on December 3 International day of fighting with pesticides is marked – this is the day when in 1984 there was a catastrophe on pesticides plant in Bhopal (India) as a result of which about 200 people died.



Synthetic pesticides

The XX century gave the mankind many strict lessons and one of them is understanding the fact that not always a man acts wisely for his own benefit. Alongside with bloodshed wars, crazy arms race, human imprudence obviously revealed itself in large-scale usage of not enough tested substances which at some moment seemed convenient and useful. Such practice should be substituted with the principle of caution presumption which is one of the most popular modern ideas in the sphere of environmental law. According to it every new achievement of technologies should first of all go through strict check for safety for people and environment. In using pesticides, the necessity of this principle proved to be higher than in any other sphere.

Pesticides were proved to be one of the causes of massive diseases of American veterans of “Storm in the desert” operation

gulf_war.jpg In the United State there was published a report which admitted the existence of ‘Iraqi syndrome” – various ailments from which suffered veterans of the first war in Iraq.

Among about 700 thousand of American participants of the 1991 war in Iraq, every fourth suffered from disorders of immune system, problems with memory, chronic fatigue and many other symptoms.

Poisoned land

In Lviv region 145 storehouses contain about 800 tons of unsuitable for usage pesticides.

This poisonous heritage consists of prohibited and unsuitable for usage pesticides which are still lying about in abandoned storehouses in places where our children play and grains for our bread grow. In order to learn when, how and for what money Lviv region will be relieved from this poison, the project “Utilization of toxic pesticides on the territory of Lviv oblast in the basins of transboundary rivers Syan and Western Buh” was for one day joined by “Ratusha” newspaper.