Inventory of store-houses of unfit pesticides on the territory of the Lviv area in the basin of transboundary river San and Western Bug was launched

Within the joint project of the Lviv State Department of Environmental Protection, State Environmental Inspection of Lviv Oblast, Lublinsky Foundation for Environmental Protection and International Charitable Organization "Environment People Law" with financial support of the European Commission within the Neighborhood Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine INTERREG IIIA / TACIS CBCand with the active participation of the representatives of rayon Administrations during two weeks the inventory of 36 store-houses with unfit pesticides in Zolochivskomu, Yavorivskomu, Kam'yanko-Buz'komu, Turkivskomu and Sokal'skomu districts took place.

ІThe inventory is the first phase of the project and in the future it is planned to encompass more than 50 store-houses at this territory in order to determine the most dangerous store-houses which content will be disposed.