Utilization of Toxic Pesticides on the Territory of Lviv Oblast in the Transboundary Basin of the River San and Western Bug


The project started in April 2008 and last till April 2009.

Leading partner, the main applicant

Financial partner, executor of the project

Project partners

Project Goal

To improve the quality of the water of the transborder rivers Western Bug and San through the utilization of pesticides which can be found in the said river basins and to raise the quality of management of illegal pesticides in Lviv Oblast.

Immediate project objectives:

  1. Eliminate possible sources of pollution of transboundary waters of the basins of the rivers San and Western Bug – i.e. warehouses and illegal and toxic pesticides found in Lviv Oblast.
  2. Raise the quality of the correctness and exactness of the registered list of toxic waste sources of the state and local self-government authorities of Lviv Oblast.
  3. Raise the level of qualifications of state officials with regard to the handling and monitoring/management of toxic wastes.
  4. Raise the level of local residents’ awareness and understanding in the transboundary areas of Ukraine and Poland (specifically of Lviv Oblast and Lublinsky Province) in the area of behaviour with pesticides.
  5. Increase the multiplication and dissemination of the project results and experience to other neighboring oblasts in Ukraine

Cross-border impact:

A significant amount of illegal and toxic pesticides possess a large amount of chemicals and other organic pollutants.

One aspect of these pollutants is that they break down very slowly or not at all.

As a result, such pollutants have an effect on the environment in that the transborder rivers and basins of San and western Bug carry them into the larger territory.

Considering the high rate at which they dissolve easily at that point, these water sources are highly susceptible to them.

One of the main cross-border impacts of the project will be the improvement in the environmental quality of these cross-border rivers of San and Western Bug through the utilization of pesticide sources.

Results of the project will have direct positive impact on the following districts of Lvivskyi oblast: Buskiy, Zolochivskyi, Zhovkivskyi, Kamianka-Buz’kyi, Mostyskyi, Starosambirskyi, Sokalskyi, Turkivskyi, Yavorivskyi. And in Poland, the following Voivodships: Pidkarpatskyi, Lublinskyi, Mazovedskyi, Kuyavsko-Pomorske, and Pomorske.

Project target groups:

  • Population living on the territory of basin areas of the transborder rivers Western Bug and San in Ukraine and in Poland.
  • Residents of villages of districts of the Lviv area: Buskiy, Zolochivskyi, Zhovkivskyi, Kamianka-Buz’kyi, Mostyskyi, Starosambirskyi, Sokalskyi, Turkivskyi, Yavorivskyi – number of habitants (716 500).
  • Population of provinces of Poland, which are affected by transborder rivers: SubCarpathians, Lublinskyi, Mazovetskyi, Kuyavsko-pomorskyi, Pomorskoe. Population of Lublinskyi province (2, 185, 000)
  • Administration of local self-government of the Lviv area.
  • Local public authorities who are responsible for management of toxic wastes.