In Kharkiv oblast storehouses with poisoning chemicals were burning

fire.jpg On February 9, 2009 in Lozova rayon in Kharkiv oblast storehouses with acid poisoning chemicals were burning.

The head of Lozova rayon state administration Serhiy Zelensksyi said that on Monday at about 10 a. m. in the village of Yekaterynivka of Lozova rayon chemicals on the storehouses of former firm Silhospkhimiya started to react with one another.

About 15 tons of unidentified acid poisoning chemicals are stored in these storehouses.

A huge cloud of smoke appeared over the storehouse accompanied by acid smell. The firm is situated not far from the arsenal on which at the end of August ammunition exploded.

The administration of the rayon made a decision to evacuate 30 children from Katerynivka kindergarten and about 400 children from Katerynivka school. They were evacuated on buses to rayon cultural center.

For evacuation of about 200 dwellers, 7 buses were made available, and the people were taken to the villages of Novoivanivka and Orel'ka.

According to Mr. Zelenskyi, the roof of the storehouses was damaged in summer during the explosions on the arsenal in August. The chemicals were covered with bitumen felt but on Monday the roof started to leak and the chemicals started to react.

According to the head of the Central Emergency Administration Volodymyr Rozsokha, the information of 1 p. m. 09.02.2009 indicates that the fire, which broke out at 10 a.m.on the storehouse holding 15 tons of acid poisoning chemicals, have been fully liquidated.

According to
Ukrayinska Pravda
Photo from the site Obozrevatel'